UiPath Answers for Document Understanding quiz

Answers for Document Understanding Quiz

How is the extraction of date values in this format possible?

Ans:-Defining the field in the taxonomy as a Date type

You can extract data from rotated or skewed documents.

Ans: -True

Please select all mandatory steps for processing a document with the Intelligent OCR activities.

-Digitize Document
-Data Extraction with at least one Extractor
-Loading the Taxonomy
-Creating the Taxonomy

Select all the extractors you could use to extract data from a semi-structured document.

-the RegEx Extrator
-the Machine Learning Extractor

What are the correct statements considering the scenario in the image?

-The Keyword Based Classifier is the first Classifier that will be used.
-If the Keyword Based Classifier returns overall confidence below 60%, the robot will try to classify the document using the FlexiCapture Classifier.
-The FlexiCapture Classifier can report any of the classes “Invoices”, “W-4”, and “Receipts”.

Take this scenario: you need to extract data from medical records, but all the documents come in a single PDF file.  Based on a list of classification results, you loop through each and perform data extraction.  

What arguments do you add in the data extraction scope? Select all that apply.

-Document Path
-Document Object Model
-Document Text
-Validated Classification Resulte

OCR is the same as Document Understanding.

Ans: -False

What happens if a document is not classified correctly? Select all the answers that apply.

-You can correct the classification in the Validation Station.
-The robot tries to extract values for the fields defined in the Taxonomy for the classification made.
-If implemented the training step, the classifier used will get more accurate over time.

Why do you need to map the fields in the Extractor Configuration when using the ML Extractor?

Some Extractors have their own Taxonomy, which is why you need to map the fields – this is the case for the ML Extractor.

Select all the actions that you can perform inside the Validation Station

-Correct classification results
-Change extracted value
-Add rows and cell values to a Table
-Add an additional value