UIPath Answers for UiPath Lesson 4 – Recording Introduction quiz

Answers for UiPath Level 1 Lesson 4 Recording quiz

When is it recommended to use Desktop recording?
Ans : – When you automate more steps in the same window
What recording profiles are available in UiPath Studio?
Ans : – Basic, Desktop, Web, Citrix
How do you stop the recording?
Ans : – Escape
How can you delay the Automatic Recording?
Ans : – By hitting the F2 key
Can you combine automatic recording with step-by-step recording in the same recording sequence?
Ans : – Yes
What actions can you record using Automatic Recording?
Ans : – Click
– Type Into
How can you record the start of a Web application?
Ans :- Hit Record – Web – Open Browser – select browser
What recording profile would you use to generate full selectors?
Ans: – Basic Recording
Which of the following is a selector of an Attach Browser container activity?
Ans:- <html app=’chrome.exe’ title=’Google’ />
What type of container will Web Recording generate?
Ans: – Attach Browser
What is the difference between Desktop recording and Basic recording?
Ans : – Basic recorder generates full selectors
– Desktop recording generates containers
What recording wizard would you use to generate partial selectors?
Ans : – Web Recording
– Desktop Recording
– Citrix Recording
What recording wizard would you use to automate UI interactions in an application that does not offer support for selectors?
Ans : – Citrix Recording
What recording wizard would you use to automate Virtual Machine actions?
Ans : – Citrix Recording
Which of the following is a full selector?
Ans : – <wnd app=’notepad.exe’ cls=’Notepad’ title=’Untitled – Notepad’ />
<ctrl automationid=’MenuBar’ idx=’1′ name=’Application’ role=’menu bar’ />
<ctrl name=’View’ role=’menu item’ />a
– <html app=’chrome.exe’ title=’Inbox *’ />
<webctrl idx=’4′ isleaf=’1′ parentid=’:5′ tag=’DIV’ />
What type of container will Basic Recording generate?
Ans : – No container
Which of the following statements regarding the Automatic Recorder are true?
Ans : – It creates a skeleton for UI automation
– It recognizes different types of UI controls
– It generates Click activities
– It generates Type Into activities
How do you add activities to a workflow?
Ans : – From the Step by Step Recording Action pane
– Using the Automatic Recorder
– From the Activities Panel by dragging and dropping