UIPath Answers for UiPath Lesson 13 Project Organization quiz

Answers for UiPath Level 1 Lesson 13 Project Organization quiz

Is “Workflow2.xaml” a good name for a reusable workflow?
Ans : – No
What can you use to add more details about the process in the workflow itself?
Ans : – Adding activity annotations
– The Comment activity
Is notifying the user via a Message Box activity a good way to keep track of a workflow’s execution progress ?
Ans : – No
What is the recommended layout to define business logic in a complex process automation?
Ans : – Flowchart
What type of arguments can you use in a workflow?
Ans : – In/Out
 – In
– Out
As a best practice, how should workflows use a local desktop application?
Ans : – By checking if the corresponding process is running and if not, opening the application by using the Open Application activity.
– By using selectors to interact with the application.
– By closing the application once it’s no longer needed.
Which of the following is a good example of a workflow name?
Ans : – GetCostumerNumber.xaml
How can you extract data from an invoked workflow?
Ans : – By using Out arguments. – By using In/Out arguments.
Which of the following phrases are true regarding Project Organization?
Ans : – Saves time for all team members – Is a constant concern of the robot developer
What is the recommended layout for a sequence of UI Interactions?
Ans : – Sequence
How can you trigger another workflow from within your current one?
Ans : – By using the Invoke Workflow File activity.
How should an RPA developer address runtime exceptions in the workflows?
Ans : – By logging any exception events
– By using automatic recovery sequences inside the Catch blocks.
– By using Try/Catch blocks when invoking external workflow files
How can you manage passwords for an automation project?
Ans : – With Windows Credential Manager -With the Get Password activity
What activity is used to chain together multiple workflows in a single automation?
Ans : – Invoke Workflow File activity
What is considered a best practice in large projects?
Ans : – Breaking a large process in smaller workflows
– Giving descriptive names to variables and workflows
– Testing workflows independently
When is it recommended to use nested If activities inside workflows?
Ans : – You should avoid using nested If activities.