UIPath Answers for UiPath Lesson 11 E-mail Automation quiz

Answers for UiPathLevel 1 Lesson 11 E-mail Automation quiz

Which of the following activities will allow you to only retrieve only unread messages?  (Select all that apply.)
Ans : – Get OUTLOOK Mail Message
– Get IMAP Mail Messages
What is the supported variable type in the Output property field of all Get Mail activities (POP3, IMAP, Outlook, Exchange)?
Ans : – List (MailMessage)
What activities can you use to send an email message?
Ans : – Send SMTP Mail Message.
 – Send Outlook Mail Message.
Which Visual Basic property within the MailMessage class will you use to get the Date of an email?
Ans : –  Headers(“Date”)
Which of the following properties are found in the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity?
Ans : – MailFolder
If you are using the For Each activity to loop through a list of MailMessage variables, what should you set the TypeArgument property to?
Ans : – System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
What activity can you use to send an email without entering the username and password of the email account?
Ans: – Send Outlook Mail Message
The Send Outlook Mail Message activity will work without having Microsoft Outlook installed:
Ans : – False
If you want to get only filtered MailMessage variables, what activity should you use?
Ans : – Get Outlook mail messages
Will The Get Outlook Mail Message activity delete the emails from the account after it reads them?
Ans :- No
The Save Attachments activity can save all the attachments of an email to:
Ans : – An absolute path.
How can you send an image inside a MailMessage?
Ans : – you can add the path to the attachment directly in the send activity
– you can specify the relative path of the image in the Attachments property
What is the output of the Save Mail Message activity?
Ans : – It saves a .eml file.
What activity allows you to customize the name of the sender when you are sending an email?
Ans : – Send SMTP Mail Message
– Send Exchange Mail Message