UIPath Answers for UiPath Lesson 3 Data Manipulation quiz

Answers for UiPath Level 1 Lesson 3 Data Manipulation quiz

Which of the following statements are true regarding the Output DataTable activity?
Ans : – Returns the data contained in a DataTable as a string in a csv format
If currentRow represents a row from a DataTable with two columns in this order: Name and Age, which expressions can be used to obtain the value from the column Age?(Select all that apply.)
Ans : – currentRow(“Age”)
– currentRow(1)
Which activity can be used to loop through each row from a DataTable?
Ans : – For Each Row
Which variable type can you use to efficiently store the current time inside your workflows?
Ans : – DateTime
If the dtNewHires datatable has 4 columns, in this order : [ID, Name, Age, Sex] and 2 rows: [1, Daniel, 38, M] ; [2, Andra, 24, F], what is the result of the expression dtNewHires.Rows(0)(1)?
Ans : – Daniel
How can we test if a given address (a string variable called fullAddress) can be found on a particular street (a string variable called streetName)?
Ans:- fullAddress.Contains(streetName)
How can the index integer variable be displayed inside a Message Box activity?
Ans : – “Current index is: “ + index.ToStrin
What activities can be used to iterate through an Array?
Ans : – For Each
How can a string variable called myString be converted to an all-capitals representation for future use?
Ans : – By using an Assign activity with myString on the left side and myString.ToUpper on the right side.
Which of the following data types are included in the Collections category?
Ans : – Dictionary
What type of variables can be used as output for the Read CSV activity?
Ans:- DataTable variables
What .Net method of the datatable object can be used to filter a table by a condition?
Ans: – Select
What key combination allows you to automatically create a variable from an activity’s property field?
Ans:- Ctrl + K
What activity can you use to get the value from a certain cell, from a specific data table row?
Ans:- Get Row Item
The String.Format(“Input = {0} and Output = {1}”, “1”,”2″) expression returns the following text:
Ans:- Input = 1 and Output = 2
What activity can be used to modify the value of an existing cell in a DataTable?
Ans:- Add Data Column activity
What activity can be used to loop through each row from a DataTable?
Ans:- For Each Row