UIPath Answers for UiPath Foundation Training Final

Answers for UiPath Foundation Training Final Test

How can we test if a given address (a string variable called fullAddress) can be found on a particular street (a string variable called streetName)?

Ans : – fullAddress.Contains(streetName)
How many characters does “*” replace?
Ans : – Zero or more
By using the Full Text scraping method, the robot is able to:
Ans : -Get hidden information
When is it recommended to use containers?
Ans : – When performing multiple operations in the same window
Can you hover the mouse over a specific UI Element?
Ans : – Yes, by using Hover OCR Text activity
What happens if the AddHeaders option is checked in the Read Range Activity?
Ans : – The first row from the specified range is considered to be the column names
What activity allows you to customize the name of the sender when you are sending an email?
Ans : – Send Outlook Mail Message
– Send SMTP Mail Message
What is a sequence most suitable for?
Ans : – Short and simple workflows
How do you exit the selection mode?
Ans : –  Right click
What should you use to scrape tables from a web page?
Ans :  – Data Scraping
Can you run the robot manually, step by step, in order to analyze the robot behavior in certain conditions?
Ans. ->Yes, by using Breakpoints and running the workflow in Debug mode.
– Yes, by using Step Into and Step Over.
Which of the following text scraping methods preserve the text position?
Ans -> OCR
– Native
Which of the following statements is true regarding Lists and Arrays?
Ans. ->.Array and List elements can be accessed by index.
– List items can be added using an Add to Collection activity.
– You can iterate through a List using a For Each loop activity.
What is TimeoutMS property used for?
Ans-> To define the amount of time during which the target of an activity must be found
What should you use to verify if a checkbox is selected or not?
Ans -> Check activity
The Read PDF with OCR activity will throw an error if the following is not specified:
Ans – > The FileName property
-The OCR Engine that is to be used
Which activity can you use if you want to loop through a collection of items?
Ans -> For Each activity
Which of the scraping methods can get you the hidden text in the element?
Ans -> FullText
What activity should you use if you want to add data to an existing .xlsx document?
Ans -> Excel Append Range
– Workbook Append Range
– Workbook Write Range
When should you use the Flowchart workflow?
Ans -> When modeling a process that has loops to previous states
– When having a process with many decision blocks
What kind of workflow should you create to define business rules?
Ans -> Flowchart
Which activity should you use to Click on a specified text in a Citrix Environment?
Ans -> Click OCR Text
What is the most effective way to handle the click on a UI element that is not always available?
Ans – > By using an Element Exists activity and then a Click activity.
How can you install and update activity packs?
Ans – > Using Manage Packages within Activities Pane
How can you identify a column in a DataTable?
Ans ->Using the column index
– Using Column Name
What is a wildcard used for?
Ans. -> To replace variable values in selector attributes
How should an RPA developer address runtime exceptions in the workflows?
Ans. -> By logging any exception events
– By using Try/Catch blocks when invoking external workflow files
What activity can you use to get column value from a specific row of a DataTable?
Ans. -> Get Row Item
Which recording profile generates full selectors?
Ans. -> Basic recording
Which activities can be used to interact with the user?
Ans. -> MessageBox
– InputDialog
– WriteLine
Creating automation in a Citrix environment is challenging because:
Ans. -> You don’t have direct access to UI elements.
– Selectors are hard to create for virtual environments.
– You need to interact with the app using only Image Recognition and OCR.
What type of argument can you define to pass data and retrieve the modified value from an invoked workflow?
Ans. -> In/Out.
What is UiExplorer used for?
Ans. ->To create stable selectors
Which of the following input methods works in the background?
Ans. -> Simulate Type
– Window Messages
Is it possible to make image automation if you are not in a Citrix environment?
Ans. -> Yes, but should be used as last resort
What happens if you use the Write Range activity with the Range property set to “” to write a data table to an excel file that already contains data?
Ans. – > It will overwrite the existing data.