UiPath Answers for Enhanced Selector quiz

Answers for Enhanced Selector quiz

You are using ExtractData/ExtractMetaData activities to extract table rows that have alternating CSS classes for elements UI highlighting. You want to be able to distinguish between active1 and active2 class of elements, to split post scrapping data processing.

What type of selector helps best in this case?

Ans : – RegEx Selectors

You have a very complex selector and in the middle, it can sometimes find one or two extra characters. You want the activity to be able to handle this, but you can’t just use an asterisk, as that can bring wrong results when there are a whole lot more characters in the middle. What type of selector helps best in this case?

Ans : – Fuzzy Selector

Match each type of selector to the scenario they work best.

Ans :

RegEx selectors — Targeting an input field whose class/id attributes change with each new release.

Fuzzy selectors — Entered text does not always match exactly the monitored expression.

Non-Greedy selectors — Finding an element when there are two or more windows that match the same top-level tag.

Argument selectors — Identifying a target element based on the value of an argument.

Select all the new generation selectors supported for the following selector types:<wnd>,<html> and <webctrl>.

Ans : – Fuzzy Selector

– RegEx Selectors

Some applications change the value of these attributes depending on their state, in many cases, a number in the title or the URL is slightly different. In this case, your algorithm will not find the selector, although there is an obvious choice.

If the attribute contains two or more words, you can calculate the edit distance by considering each word as a letter in the algorithm.

What type of selector helps best in this case?

Ans : – Fuzzy + Non-Greedy Selector